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YCEO Bilişim is an organization that incorporates many companies, follows the developments in its field very closely and directs the sector with the strategies it develops. The creator and provider of this service is DIGI Solutions.

Aiming to be the industry leader in the field of software with its R&D and P&D projects, DIGI Solutions exhibits its innovative works in many areas ranging from mobile applications, e-commerce strategies to advertising applications.

We work as the most important assistant of our customers in the planning and implementation of software strategies.

DIGI Solutions, which uses technology effectively in all areas of life and has a young, dynamic and innovative team, advances its goals day by day with the corporate values it adopts.

One of our most important advantages is that we have a high-quality team that evaluates every imaginable project and can turn software-based services into reality.

It is one of the most important policies of our company that we keep our ethical values above everything, and that we will always display our fair, sincere and respectful stance in terms of both business and human relations.

As DIGI Solutions, our organization, which adopts the importance of not only selling any product, service or project, but also providing pre-sales and after-sales support, continues all its efforts to provide better service to you within these qualities.

In short, DIGI Solutions blends the magic of the software world with its innovative projects and the value it gives to its customers, increasing its awareness in the sector day by day.

  • 2009 YCEO Eng. Was established
  • 2011 YCEO Bilişim Established
  • 2013 TacirNet Established
  • 2014 Active enterprise
  • 2015 DIGI Solutions Established
  • 2017 DIGI Design has arrived
  • 2020 15.000 Users


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